Save money with induction heating

The savings that can be achieved with induction heating are far from trivial. For one thing, this technology will save your business a lot of time. The iDuctor works quickly and without using a flame, unlike a gas torch, for example, which takes longer to heat the workpiece, meaning more time passes before the part can be removed. And gas torches waste an enormous amount of energy too. The iDuctor, on the other hand, makes optimum use of energy thanks to its precision heating. What’s more, there’s a much higher chance of damaging components with an open flame: the heat radiating from the tip of the gas torch is much greater than that of the iDuctor and can cause a lot of damage. And, of course, no business wants that. The iDuctor is the solution here too: induction heating lowers the risk of ‘collateral damage’ considerably. The bottom line: the iDuctor will save time, save energy and prevent damage.

Additional savings

Of course, that’s not all the iDuctor and its induction-heating technology have to offer. Other savings made possible by the iDuctor include:

  • Reduced payroll costs (no additional supervision required)
  • No deposits or inspection fees for gas cylinders
    Insurers in certain countries give a discount (30 to 35%) when no open flame is used at the workplace
    Multifunctional: can be used for a wide range of applications
  • The iDuctor heats the workpiece faster than a gas torch, and with much more precision
  • Reduced risk of ‘collateral damage’.

Download the leaflet with a brief summary of the features and benefits of induction heating with the iDuctor here.