Advantages iDuctor Power Plus

The advantages of the iDuctor Power Plus are:

  • Time savings; fast heating with great precision.
  • Fireproof; does not generate an open fire.
  • Ease; simple and one-handed operation, adjustable power and spirals that are easy to change with the unique and patented clamping mechanism.
  • Durability; reliable and technically advanced tools, made of impact-resistant material.
  • Energy conscious; by focused heating with induction, precious energy is saved, while with open fire, 80% of the heat is lost.

The innovations of the iDuctor Power Plus compared to the iDuctor W1200 are:

  • The ability to heat larger machine parts, both in weight and in size. This makes the application range many times larger.
  • If necessary, higher temperatures can be reached.
  • Heats up to 30% faster
  • To be used with longer flexible cables in the dimensions of 2, 2.5 and 3 meters and other special spirals.

With the iDuctor Power Plus it’s now possible to disassemble even the largest and heaviest machine parts, rusted or glued. This, in a few seconds and without an open fire. This tool is a godsend, especially for the sectors of heavy industry, agriculture, transport and offshore.