About Us

Rimmer Hylkema is the owner of iDtools International, which was founded in 2013, and the product developer of the iDuctor. This induction tool is used in the automotive, nautical, petrochemical, infrastructure and aerospace industries.

The iDuctor of iDtools is a 100% Dutch product: it is developed and produced by the company Hedon in Delft. Hedon is a high-tech company that has been developing and producing electronics since 1984. The head office of iDtools Interntional is located in Ulvenhout.

Rimmer and his wife Mia have been participating enthusiastically in national and international trade fairs since 2013 to present, demonstrate and promote the iDuctor. Since then, iDtools International has grown into a successful and international company, which attaches great importance to quality, reliability and service.  Moreover, in 2013 and 2014 iDtools International has won the awards ‘IF product design’ and ‘good industrial design’ with the iDuctor. She was also nominated for the Automechanika innovation award in 2018.