Operation of the iDuctor

What is the iDuctor?

The iDuctor is a very safe handy induction tool that works on the basis of induction heating. It is a 100% Dutch product and made of high quality materials. The iDuctor is used for loosening rusty, glued or clamped objects of ferrous metal.
The technique of the iDuctor can be used for, among other things:

  • seized or rusted nuts
  • bolts
  • spindles
  • nipples
  • bearings and more

The iDuctor is the ultimate tool for precision heating. This electronic tool heats up by means of induction technology. Various ferrous metals can be heated from the inside. Typical for induction heating is that mainly the outer structural parts are heated, while a gas burner heats everything. Due to the difference in temperature of the structural components, it is easier to disconnect them. Within tens of seconds it is heated in such a way that disassembly is possible.

How does the iDuctor work?

The iDuctor works by means of electronic induction heating and can be applied to all iron-containing parts of all sizes. In order to always be able to make the right connection between the iDuctor and the object to be heated, spirals in different metric sizes and flexible winding coils are used. The coils are easy to change manually by means of the unique, patented clamping mechanism. The iDuctor is controlled by a microprocessor. This is to prevent the induction tool from being overloaded during use. Moreover, time and power are easily adjustable. There is no alternative for the iDuctor. When the objects of ferrous metal are located in places that regularly get hot, vibrate, oxidize or corrode, they are often impossible or very difficult to loosen with conventional tools. Usually a gas burner was used for this purpose. However, a gas burner has several disadvantages:

  1. The use of open fire at the workplace is dangerous;
  2. For safety reasons, supervision by a colleague is required;
  3. With the gas burner it is not possible to heat precisely, so even parts that you do not want to heat are heated. Think, for example, of fuel pipes.

Tip when using the iDuctor: always use the right coils, do not make the object red-hot and do not overheat the iDpad. In practice, it is not necessary to heat metal until it is red-hot before disassembly. In the images of this website this is done exclusively for illustrative purposes, to demonstrate the power of the iDuctor. Too high temperatures can lead to degradation of the heated metal and damage to the spiral.