How to remove rusted bolts or nuts in less than a minute

Rimmer Hylkema | 30 July, 2019

A rusted bolt or nut is a common and annoying problem. Over the years, compounds have become very stuck due to oxidation. It can be a time-consuming process to remove a rusted bolt or nut.

With the iDuctor you can remove rusty bolts or nuts in less than a minute! Induction heating enables you to easily and quickly loosen the bolt or nut without having to use a gas burner.

Conventional methods

For the professional who doesn’t know the iDuctor yet, it’s tempting to apply a lot of force and hope that rusted bolts or nuts will come loose. This often causes problems: the hexagon of the nut can get turned around or the bolt can break off.

All too often a grinding top or a nut splitter is used to loosen the rusted bolt or nut. In this process surrounding parts can be damaged, with all its consequences. Moreover, when bolts or nuts are in a hard to reach place, it is often not even possible to reach them with a grinder or nut splitter.

Gas burners are also often used.This can cause serious damage to the surrounding parts such as plastic brakes, fuel lines and expensive wiring. It can cause micro-cracks, which are not visible to the naked eye. However, these are very harmful and will lead to many problems. Heating with a gas burner involves even more risks:

  • Working with open flames in the workshops is dangerous;
  • You can’t heat precisely, which also causes other parts to heat up. This can lead to dangerous situations, for example when a fuel line is heated;
  • Working with a gas burner is very inconvenient.

Loosening rusted bolts or nuts with the iDuctor

Rusted bolts or nuts can easily be loosened with the iDuctor in less than a minute. But the iDuctor does not only save you a lot of time, it is also very easy and safe and convenient. You can operate the iDuctor with one hand, even in hard-to-reach places. And you don’t use open fire.

To get the right fit, you should use spirals in different metric sizes and/or flexible spirals. You can make the ideal iDuctor kit for every workshop, as you can assemble the set yourself. Moreover, thanks to the patented clamping mechanism, these spirals are easy to change.

Typical for induction heating is the targeted heating of iron-containing parts. And with the iDuctor you can heat even more precisely by setting the time and power of the iDuctor. So it’s possible to heat only the parts you want to heat. This way you will not damage the surrounding parts.

Once you have clicked the correct spiral into the device, you can easily put it around the bolt or nut. Within tens of seconds the object is heated, so you can disassemble it. You can also use the iDuctor for glued or clamped iron-containing objects.

Tips when using the iDuctor

Always use the correct spirals, do not make the object red-hot and do not overheat the iDpad. In practice, it is not necessary to heat metal until it is red-hot before disassembly. In the images of this website this is done exclusively for illustrative purposes, to demonstrate the power of the iDuctor. Too high temperatures can in fact lead to degradation of the heated metal and damage to the spiral.

Need more information about removing rusted bolts or nuts?

Did you get interested in the iDuctor? Check out the different kits here or contact us for personal advice. If your specific application is not listed, custom solutions are also possible.