iDuctor – heating with induction

Precision heating

The iDuctor is the ultimate tool for your precision heating needs. Using induction technology, this electronic device allows a wide range of ferrous metals to be heated from the inside out. What makes induction heating unique is that it mainly heats the outermost components, unlike a gas torch that heats up everything at the same time. The difference in temperature between the heated parts and the main body make them easier to loosen and remove. In a matter of seconds, a specific part or spot can be heated up to red hot*, in the case of steel to between 300oC and 600oC.

Flameless induction heating – a faster, safer way to work

The iDuctor technology has many uses, including loosening:

  • seized or rusted nuts
  • bolts
  • spindles
  • nipples
  • bearings, and more

When parts like these are located in places repeatedly subject to high temperatures, vibrations, oxidation or corrosion, they can often become difficult or impossible to remove using ordinary tools, and so the mechanic often resorts to using a gas torch. This has a number of disadvantages however:

  1. It’s dangerous to use an open flame in a workplace;
  2. Supervision by a second employee is needed to ensure safety;
  3. A gas torch cannot provide precision heating: other components are heated too whether you want this or not.

The iDuctor has the advantage that its flameless induction heating technology provides a much faster and safer way of working. What’s more, it works great on frozen metal too. The iDuctor can be used with one hand and its flexible spiral coil can reach difficult-to-access places.

*In practice, it’s generally not necessary to heat components to a red-hot temperature; excessive temperatures can, in fact, degrade the metal and damage the coil. The images on this website show the iDuctor glowing red hot; this is just for illustration purposes, to demonstrate the power of the iDuctor . ‘